Our Company

At Austral Centauri SA de CV we are an integrated company that is involved from the production in the fields up to the delivery to our final clients anywhere in the world.

We offer the best products of Mexican agriculture such as White Corn, Chickpea, Wheat and, Beans.

We strive to help producers to ensure the quality of our products since the time of planting them; we promote the natural production free of chemicals and based on the agro-ecology encouraging its dissemination and certification.

The agricultural products in Mexico, because they are genetically unmodified and because they maintain the essence of the work in the field in the same way for centuries, belong to a select group worldwide.

We are stockpilers of products in our warehouses, processing them and cleaning them before entering the silos. We put our efforts in this process to offer the highest quality, stocking important volumes to meet the demand of our current and potential customers.

Our commercial capacity for local sales and export are a key factor in the performance of the company, we have a multicultural team that adds more than 45 years of experience in the trade of agricultural products. With offices in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, and Venezuela, we guarantee a strong presence in the international market.

We seek to innovate and transcend in a traditional and historical business sector by converting strategies into commercial solutions for our clients, through the implementation of services that lead us to cultivate long-term relationships.

We bet on a successful present with a future perspective ...

National Presence